Rabid Idiot Brony
i think that one of the worst thing ever for some of the fandoms that animate and edit got the PMV meaning taken from them by the bronies scribbling on the meaning picture music video and making it pony music video. it's reaaaaaally annoying to see someone comment and say: oh my god why does it say pmv that means pony music video!! and have to literally reply and explain it means picture music video in the terms they're using it.
There's no such thing as the friendzone, friendzoooooone. It's called being fat and gay.

well that was rude

What's up with the friend zone thing? It happens mostly to douche bag guys whose at as a cock block while when it happens to girls, they feel unwanted? What's you're take on it?

i think it’s dumb as heck

To the brony anon. There is no friendzone. Its called boundarys bro. That girl doesn't owe you shit (Sorry about my language)
To all the bronies out there,NO DECENT GIRL WOULD DATE YOU.

*all the annoying bronies

you can be a brony with a great girlfriend if you’re not an annoying little shit